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Full Service Painting

Have you taken a look around your home lately and decided that you want to make things look better, brighten them up a bit, make it a bit homier and cozier this year? Do you see some walls that need to be repaired, some others that need to be painted, and others that you're simply not sure what you want to do with them? Are you feeling as though you don't want to take care of these things yourself and yet you're unsure who you can trust to take care of these things for you? Well, that's where we at Amigos Painting Inc, a full-service painting company, would like to step in and offer you some help.

We've been located in Longmont, CO for so long that we see you and everyone else in Estes Park, Boulder, and Fort Collins as our neighbor. This is important because it really does show in how we take care of our customers. You see, our commitment to excellence makes us stop and listen to your feedback especially your criticisms because we never want to make the same mistake twice. This is simply about how much we truly value our clients, but it doesn't end there.

Another thing we go out of our way to do is making sure our staff is well versed in wall repair by offering them continuous training in all aspects of their job. While training isn't cheap, we don't pass the costs on to you. Instead, we keep our prices competitive and even offer discounts.

So, when you want customized service regarding your home's wall repair or you desire personalized attention for your full-service painting job, make sure you pick up your phone and call us. Once you put us to work on your project you'll not only be glad you did, but you'll also be referring to us as your neighbor as well.

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